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Lukan Clinical Counseling, PLLC


Q: What are the benefits of counseling?

A: Counseling provides a safe environment in which people can discuss their difficulties and problems with a non-judgmental educated listener. During the counseling process, new insights and perspectives are gained, leading to positive change.

Q: Isn’t counseling just like a friend listening to you?

A: In some ways, yes, because counselors are trained listeners. However, unlike a friend, they do not have an “agenda” and will tell you the truth, even when it is difficult to hear.

Q: Will I have to tell you the private details of my life?

A: It is all about where the origin of the problem is perceived to be. Individual counseling addresses concerns at the individual level. Although other family members (such as parent, spouse, or significant other) can be part of the session, the focus is on the individual and how they are coping with their lives.

Q: How is working with children and adolescents different than working with adults?

A: The pace of growth for younger populations is rapid, but it often leads to uneven
development along the way. Younger populations can be quite advanced in some areas (such as intellect), but face challenges in others (such as meeting social/emotional pressures). An effective counselor who works with younger populations must be able to assess carefully the developmental status of their client, and adjust accordingly.

Q: How long will counseling take?

A: It varies with each client, and what goals are being achieved. Together, we will discuss and evaluate your progress on a regular basis. Most people resolve their conflict in 4-8 sessions.

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